Styling with Cheesecloth

The humble cheesecloth, recently featured at New York Fashion Week, is a material I’m seeing being used in really creative ways to style tables or give texture to event decor.

It really adds an understated elegance and works for any event – a birthday, engagement party or a wedding! Here are just a few ideas we’ve found to get you, and us inspired!


Use it as a runner, it looks beautiful on a wooden table! Simply run it across the middle of the table and if you like, roughly bunch the ends with some thick ribbon.

Drape a it little more effortlessly over a feature area of your room, like the cake table!


Make simple cheesecloth curtains – the light will filter through the delicate fabric and add a warm glow to your room. Combine it with other fabrics like burlap for added texture!


You can even dye it to add a subtle nod to the colour theme of your event. Creams, blushes and soft pinks work perfectly with the natural texture and colour of the fabric.

Want to make a bigger statement? Make it a main feature, like here where it has been hung from the ceiling for a wedding ceremony.

There are also many more subtle ways where it can be used, like tying a piece of it to hold cutlery together, bow it on a cake knife, or wrap your guest’s bonboneries in it!

Have an idea? Let us know in the comments below, or further inspire us by uploading it to Instagram, tag @Katering_ and hashtag #stylingwithcheesecloth