Style Inspiration: White On White

White on white – it’s my favourite colour theme and just so universal!

And with my last name being White, the idea of creatively showcasing such a classic theme is just that little more important for me. It brings a cool vibe to summer events, as well as a cosiness and warmth to the winter! It can carry the sense of a cosy New York Christmas eve, or a warm sun-kissed afternoon in Ibiza! It can be elegant just as well as being casual, timeless yet on-trend, and anything from decor, to styling, to fashion or food just works so well when white is the hero!


Treat it as your blank canvas – it’s such a flexible starting point to build from. Think about adding beiges and neutrals to give it warmth, mismatch for interest and contrast; be playful with it! Work with and combine different textiles – lace, cheesecloth, cottons, calico… And these days, it’s not about making sure all your whites are the same – mix it up with off-whites, whites with blue or pink tones, warm white and cool whites. It’s a theme that I’m working with more and more these days for events, and each time, it’s done so differently – there are endless possibilities when it comes to white!