Long live the flowers


Blooms, glorious blooms!

The final touch that brings magic to your ceremony or reception, flowers are the heart and soul of wedding styling. And with such a focus on having the most beautiful blooms for your day, it usually comes with quite an investment attached. So after the wedding is done, it seems like such a shame to see the flowers binned or go to waste! I’ve got a few ideas on how you can make them live on a little longer.


Talk to your florist about buying a collection of small vases so you can give bunches to your guests to take home. Or perhaps something a little more cost effective, get a bunch of paper from your florist so bunches can be made and given out as bonbonnieres.

Traditionally, wedding bouquets are dried – but there are many ways they can live on in dried form! Hang them upside down and once dried, display them in a shadow box frame. Compress individual buds between the pages of a heavy book. Separate the petals, dry and add scent for a delicious smelling homemade potpourri . Or why not incorporate them into your thank you cards!

A lovely way to honour a loved one who couldn’t be there in your special day could be to lay them by their gravesite or scatter them across the ocean.

Hospitals, retirement villages and nursing homes alway love a bit of colour to brighten their patients’ day! So why not deliver them a few bunches so they can sit at the reception desks, in the kitchens, or even in individual rooms to add a splash of colour!

Other ideas becoming quite popular – turning them into pieces of jewellery or into the likes of a beautiful pashmina or silk scarf. The Wedding Scarf in Byron Bay can take your flowers and have them preserved forever in luxury fabrics or ceramics.

The limit is your imagination! Have another idea? Why not tell us about it below, or tag @Katering on Instagram so we can check it out.

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